Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sock Puppet Results/Bieber Fever Challenge

Why yes, yes I did complete my first challenge and wasted a ton of time I could have spent studying for my graduate school entrance exam. 

Here is the beautiful finished product:
Ellen Degeneres

I chose the lovely Ellen Degeneres to be portrayed in sock puppet fashion because she is such a legendary icon across the country and a fantastic role model to the youth of America.

...or because when I came up with my sock puppet idea I happened to be watching her show and I think she's hilarious. please note the super rad flannel vest. 

and if you think that MY sock puppet will be hard to top (which it will be) just wait until you see my friend Jessica's sock puppet of greatness.

Conan O'Brien

Boom. Conan O'Brien. I don't think it gets much more accurate than this.

So, first challenge: Done. 

Now I want to see what you came up with. Post your results on a comment or link them to me. You can also tweet them at me @misssarahkay101 ...or you can be stupid and not do any of those things because you didn't even do the assignment.  Well, that's fine. I guess you can turn it in late...or just jump on board with this weeks challenge.

Make a Youtube video that to some degree has to do with Justin Bieber.

make one by yourself. make one with a friend. sing. dance. recite Bieber poetry. be funny. be serious. stare at the camera while Bieber music plays. it's really whatever you want to do....just do it...and make it awesome.


Monday, June 27, 2011

The Challenge: My Idea

So, you're bored too huh? What are we going to do with ourselves? We could sit on the couch and eat ice cream like little fatties. We could watch 'Grey's Anatomy' on Netflix from season one all the way until we get to the crappy musical episode. OR, for at least a few minutes every week, we can kill time by doing a fun, super random, time killing activity that we can share with each other via the interwebs. Oh, oh...let's do that last thing.

I could give you some long, obnoxiously drawn out explanation of why I'm doing this blog...but I assume you're here because you're bored already, so let's not make it worse. Here it is in simple, easy to read, numbered points. You're welcome.

1) It's summer, and I find myself with too much free time on my hands.
2) I've already seen every single episode of Boy Meets World, The Office, and Glee.
3) If I creep on anymore people on Facebook that I haven't seen since high school, I'm going to feel more pathetic than if I trick myself into thinking I'm productive by writing this blog.

So, each week I'm going to find some completely aimless activity/project/thing to do, and then I will post my results upon completion the following week. 

So feel free to join me and make your lives a little less boring. Or just read along and laugh at my dumb ideas. Or don't do either of these things, and be a boring loser. Your call. 

Make a sock puppet version of a celebrity of your choice

do it.